7 Stunning DIY Patio Projects You Must See!

7 Stunning DIY Patio Projects You Must See!

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Poking around I came across these DIY patio projects. From a hillside slop to a small patio makeover these are sure to give you some ideas.

Some posts we have shared look like million dollar budgets were required. Not with these. These patios were built by what appears to be hard working, get dirty homeowners not afraid to tackle a project. Enjoy!

Patio project for a Hilly Backyard – 44 images – a wonderful before and after. Great project for those tricky slopes.

DIY Moroccan Patio Stones – What began as a trip to Cabarete, Dominican Republic, ended as a project with a beautiful outcome. The whole process outlined!

Replacing an Old Deck – Starting on July 4th by tearing out the old deck and… 43 tons of limestone, 6 tons of sand, 20 tons of pavers, 40+ sandwiches from Jimmy John’s, and 300 hours of my time(10 solid weekends and every possible day after work). You have to see to appreciate! 46 images

Small patio Renovation – expanded the cramped patio, added built in seating plus a cool custom fountain. 29 images

Quaint Backyard Patio – 250 square foot of sand and pavers turned a tired backyard into a quaint place to hang out! 11 images

Brick DIY backyard patio – Not the biggest patio but lots of slaving away to dig up the hard ground. Lots of effort required! 14 images

Backyard Patio For BBQ’s Three days of digging, 3 inches of gravel, different size stone with a great finish!

All that is missing on these is some colorful decorative containers.

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