5+ Uses For Coffee Filters In The Garden

5+ Uses For Coffee Filters In The Garden

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Coffee, we love our cup in the morning. Coffee grounds are great fertilizer and soil builders making it great for the garden.

The grinds are used in composting, increasing the color of rose blooms and carrot yields. But what about using coffee filters in the garden?

The coffee filter plays a part in many more uses than just filtering the brew from our coffee pot.

Use them around the house and in the garden for other “jobs.” Check out the 7 cool ways to use coffee filters in the garden.

#1 – Flower Pot Liner

Place a coffee filter in the bottom of your flower pots (better than paper towels) to stop dirt from falling through the holes at the bottom. Water will still drain, and air can still penetrate. This keeps your plants less messy and healthier.

#2 – Wrap Herbs For Drying

Use coffee filters to dry your herbs. You only need to place the herbs on them and fold the filter over and tightly tie them. Place them in the sun to dry.

Coffee filters can also double as convenient “napkins” for taco wrappers or hot dogs at your next cookout.

For lightweight snacks such as popcorn, use coffee filters as snack bowls… no washing afterward. Wrap a sandwich in the coffee filter before placing in a plastic bag to avoid soggy bread.

#3 – Drying Tomato Seeds

Place your rinsed seeds onto a coffee filter or plate, and spread them sparingly, so they do not stick together. Place them in a safe location where the tomato seeds can dry for a few days.

Disturb the tomato seeds several times during the drying process to ensure all surfaces dry evenly. Spread the seeds out again onto another coffee filter each time you disturb them.

The normally thick tomato seeds require some time to dry thoroughly and can take up to a week to dry depending on the weather conditions.

#4 – Label Seed Starter Mini Pots

Use coffee filters to label the seeds starter pots to make it easier identifying the seedlings in every mini pot. Labeling the mini pots will help monitor the growth of the seedlings so you can take the necessary actions.

#5 – Seed Starter Tray

Arrange coffee filters in a tray and fill each filter with soil and all the growing materials required.

The coffee filters will provide ideal conditions for starting your seedlings, they provide good drainage and aeration. Ideal for planting small seedlings.

#6 – Coffee Filter Flowers

Make paper flowers using coffee filters. This is a fun activity you can do with kids, or as a way to make unique and inexpensive holiday, summertime party or event decorations for a tabletop. Add few paper flowers on a gift box instead of your bows or typical ribbons. Dye the filters first in order to make a colorful bouquet.

Other ideas:

  • Coffee Filter Snowman
  • A Fall Coffee Filter Wreath
  • Christmas Coffee Filter Wreath

#7 – Use With The Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds offers ideal fertilizer for roses, camellias, hydrangeas and for acid-loving plants.

Place the grounds in a coffee filter along with some grass clippings (optional) and fold it well. Place it near the base of these plants to maximize the usage.

Folding it prevents it from being washed away before being integrated into the soil.

#8 – Cat Repellent

It’s also used to repel cats as you find from this post.

Cat Repellent – “Coffee grounds on the soil can deter them (cats) from digging and can also be used near potentially dangerous plants for the cat’s safety.”

A couple notes:

  • Add to the compost pile biodegradable coffee filters and don’t forget to add your old used tea bags to the compost pile
  • If use unbleached coffee filters in the garden

With a few coffee filters and a little creativity, who knows the possibilities. Coffee filters make a great option to the garden. You just need to be creative.

Check out this growing pinterest board on Coffee Filters In The Garden beyond the obvious – filtering coffee!…

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