Tree Bench: How To Make A Bench Around Tree With Kitchen Chairs

Tree Bench: How To Make A Bench Around Tree With Kitchen Chairs

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Most of us could use some extra seating in the back yard. That’s exactly what Heather from wanted, but her vision included a tree bench. The type that wraps around a tree with the tree trunk in the center.

After some research Heather found out, “Those suckers can cost anywhere from $250-$2,990.” Being a “self-proclaimed cheapskate” she looks for the most frugal way possible using items found at thrift stores for inspiration.

One evening she asked this question – “Why couldn’t I just use kitchen chairs for this?” Creating garden seating from chairs is not a new idea.

However, with a goal of $50 Heather searched for months to find 6 chairs. And then…

I finally found the chairs (plus a table) on an online auction site. I gave $75 for the set. A little more than I wanted to pay, but I WAS PUMPED! (Heck, I got a free table out of the deal.)

After removing the cushions and hardware, the first order of business was to clean the chairs with TSP, an all purpose heavy duty cleaner. It gets rid of all the oils so the paint will adhere better. After they were cleaned, I painted the chairs. When they dried, I pulled my braniac husband in to help. I wasn’t for sure what angles to cut the wood so he gave me a crash course in geometry. read more at

Tree Bench Project Using Redwood

This project from Ron Hazleton shares in a series of videos how to design and construct a simple hexagonal redwood bench around your family tree. read more at

Overview for How to Build a Tree Bench

Finally, at This Old House they provide a nice overview and takes you through the steps to build your own tree bench. read more at

I appreciate the creativity of Heather’s bench around the tree, but understand that the chairs exposure to the elements may not last as long as she would like. Something to take into account. But a fun project anyway.

Watch the video: The $15 Fifteen Minute Bench - Easy DIY Project (June 2022).


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