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What To Do With Boston Ferns In Winter

What To Do With Boston Ferns In Winter

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The boston fern (Nephrolepis exalta), so lush and green in the spring and summer… how do you overwinter a Boston fern?

Boston ferns need good bright outdoors light for starters, a bright unblocked south window is ideal.

Hot temperatures and dry, little moisture, home will allow your fern to be messy.

Here are a few tips for overwintering your growing garden Boston…

  • Leave the fern in its container, prune all the leaves except for the new growth
  • Move the plant to its new “winter” location
  • Keep the plant on the dry side and hold off on fertilizer during winter months
  • When it’s time to move the plant outside, move your Boston outside… begin increasing water, resume fertilizing (liquid feeding) and acclimate it slowly to new lighting.

You’ll also learn ferns care in winter, how to trim a fern, and Boston fern winter care plants best practices.

The Boston fern has been around for centuries, why not start your gardening heirloom fern!

To learn more about your Boston Fern in Winter, read the full article at the link below…

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