The Many Types Of Bulbs For The Garden and Containers

The Many Types Of Bulbs For The Garden and Containers

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Bulbs have been popular for centuries. No longer are they used to fill flower beds. Today many are planted in containers.

Lots of Spring color and easy care make bulbs universally popular. Just never allow the soil to get waterlogged.

Basically, dig a hole two to three times deeper than the bulb and fill the hole with soil. Below you’ll find a list of many types of ‘bulbs’ with links to grow and enjoy.

Bulbs, Tubers, and Corms with the Pronunciation

  • Achimenes [a-kim-ee-nees]
  • Acidanthera [a-kid-anth-er-a] Summer-blooming corm with Gladiolus-like foliage. Fragrant, drooping, creamy-white flowers with a center of blackish-crimson. Grows in sun and sandy loam. Lift and store like gladiolus corms. Valuable for summer bloom.
  • Agapanthus [ag-a-panth-us]
  • Albuca [al-boo-ka]
  • Allium [a-lee-um]
  • Alstroemeria [al-stroom-ee-ree-a]
  • Amaryllis [am-a-rill-is]
  • Anemone [a-nem-oh-nee]
  • Anomatheca [a-noh-ma-thee-ka]
  • Anthericum [an-ther-i-kum]
  • Arisaema [a-ree-a-rum]
  • Arisarum [a-rees-a-rum]
  • Arum [a-rum]
  • Asarum [a-sah-rum]
  • Asphodelus [as-fod-ell-us]
  • Babiana [bab-ee-a-na]
  • Begonia [beh-goh-nee-a]
  • Belamcanda [bel-am-kan-da]
  • Bletilla [bleh-tilla-a]
  • Brimeura [bree-mew-ra]
  • Brodiaea [bro-dee-ee-a]
  • Bulbocodium [bul-boh-coh-dee-um]
  • Camassia [ka-ma-see-a]
  • Canna [ka-na]
  • Cardiocrinum [kar-dee-oh-kree-num]
  • Chionodoxa [ky-on-oh-dox-sa] Glory of the Snow
  • Chlidanthus [klid-anth-us]
  • Clivia [kli-vee-a]
  • Colchicum [kol-chee-kum]
  • Convallaria [kon-va-lah-ree-a]
  • Corydalis [koh-ree-dah-lis]
  • Crinum [kry-num]
  • Crocosmia [kroh-koz-mee-a]
  • Crocus [kroh-kus]
  • Cyclamen [sigh-kla-men]
  • Dahlia [dah-lee-a]
  • Dierama [dee-a-rah-ma]
  • Dracunculus [dra-kun-kew-lus]
  • Eranthis [eh-ran-this]
  • Eremurus [eh-re-mew-rus]
  • Erythronium [eh-re-throw-nee-um]
  • Eucharis [ew-ka-ris]
  • Eucomis [ew-koh-mis]
  • Freesia [freez-ee-a]
  • Fritillaria [frit-i-lah-ree-a]
  • Galanthus [ga-lan-thus]
  • Galtonia [gaul-toh-nee-a]
  • Gladiolus [glad-ee-oh-lus]
  • Gloriosa [gloh-ree-oh-sa]
  • Habranthus [ha-bran-thus]
  • Haemanthus [hee-man-thus]
  • Hedychium [hay-dik-ee-um]
  • Hermodactylus [her-moh-dak-till-us]
  • Hippeastrum [hip-ee-as-trum]
  • Homeria [hoh-mere-ee-a]
  • Hyacinthella [high-a-sinth-ell-a]
  • Hyacinthus [high-a-sinth-us]
  • Hymenocallis [high-men-oh-kal-is]
  • Ipheion [if-ay-on]
  • Iris [eye-ris]
  • Ixia [ix-see-a]
  • Ixiolirion [ix-see-oh-Ieer-ee-on]
  • Lachenalia [lak-eh-nay-lee-a]
  • Ledebouria [le-de-BOR-ree-a]
  • Leucojum [loo-koh-jum]
  • Lilium [lil-ee-um]
  • Merendera [meh-ren-deh-ra]
  • Moraea [moh-ree-a]
  • Muscari [mus-kah-ree]
  • Narcissus [nar-sis-us]
  • Nectaroscordum [nek-tah-roh-skor-dum]
  • Nerine [nay-ree-nay]
  • Nomocharis [no-moh-ka-ris]
  • Notholirion [no-tho-leer-ee-on]
  • Ornithogalum [or-ni-thog-a-lum]
  • Oxalis [ox-ah-lis]
  • Pancratium [pan-krate-ee-um]
  • Paradisea [pa-ra-dees-ee-ya]
  • Pleione [play-oh-nay]
  • Polianthes [po-lee-anth-eez]
  • Puschkinia [push-kin-ee-a]
  • Ranunculus [ra-nung-kew-lus]
  • Rhodohypoxis [roh-doh-hi-pox-is]
  • Romulea [rom-ew-lee-a]
  • Roscoea [roz-koh-ee-a]
  • Sandersonia [san-der-son-ee-a]
  • Scadoxus [scah-dox-us]
  • Schizostylis [sky-zoh-sty-lis]
  • Scilla [sil-a]
  • Sisyrinchium [siz-ee-ring-kee-um]
  • Sparaxis [spa-rak-sis]
  • Sprekelia [spre-kee-lee-ya]
  • Sternbergia [stern-bur-gee-a]
  • Tecophilaea [te-koh-fi-Iee-a]
  • Tigridia [ti-grid-ee-a]
  • Trillium [tril-ee-um]
  • Tritonia [try-toh-nee-a]
  • Tropaeolum [troh-pee-oh-lum]
  • Tulbaghia [tul-ba-ghee-ya]
  • Tulipa [tew-li-pa]
  • Uvularia [uv-yew-lah-ree-a]
  • Vallota [va-lo-ta]
  • Veltheimia [vel-ty-mee-a]
  • Watsonia [wot-son-ee-a]
  • Zantedeschia [zan-tee-dis-kee-ya]
  • Zephyranthes [zef-ee-ranth-eez]

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